How to change user settings

About user settings

With Roxy-WI you can specify the user settings so that your work be more convenient. To view the current user settings and edit them, click on the icon in the upper right corner. You will see the following form appear:


As you can see, the following settings are available:

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Enabling and disabling alerting

To enable or disable the alerting, select the appropriate item in the dropdown menu and click on the Apply button. Alerting can be disabled either for the current tab or for all tabs:


By default alerting is enabled for all tabs. The specified settings are valid only for the current browser session. If you close the current session and open a new one, you will have to change the settings once again.

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Changing groups

With Roxy-WI you can easily change the current user group via the graphical interface. It may be useful, for instance, if you would like to send notifications via Telegram or Slack to the specified group of users. It also may be useful for the purpose of logical structuring of the list of your users. To switch between user groups, select the appropriate group in the dropdown menu and press the Apply button:

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