How to use groups and roles

About groups

All servers managed via Roxy-WI can be included in groups. A group is a user-defined pool of servers. It is up to you decide how you will group your servers. You can create groups by reason of their type, purpose, etc. By default, all your servers are included in the common group named Default. All other group are created within this group.

Since version the "All" group has been renamed to the "Default"

Creating and using groups

To create a group go to the Admin Area and select Groups. Press the "Add" button. The following form will open:

Enter the name of the group and the description (the Description field is facultative). Press the "Add" button.

To add servers to the group open the list of servers. Select the group in the drop-down menu right to the name of the server:

When adding a new server, you can include it in a group when filling in the form:

Server groups and user roles

The users can be granted different permissions for managing servers groups. A set of permissions and privileges available for a user is called role. Each user can be assigned one of the following 4 roles:

To associate users with groups and assign roles to them go to the Admin Area and select Users. In the drop-down menu right to them name of the user select the role you would like to assign:

To select the groups which the user will manage within the assigned role or to modify the list of previously selected groups, click on the blue pencil in the Groups field. In the window that will open select one more groups and press the Save button:

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