Roxy-WI is an awesome GUI for HAProxy, Nginx, Apache and Keepalived

Makes use of loadbalancers easier!

About Roxy-WI

Roxy-WI was created for people who want to have a fault-tolerant infrastructure, but do not want to plunge deep into the details of setting up and creating a cluster based on HAProxy / NGINX and Keepalived, or just need a convenient interface for managing all services in one place.
Roxy-WI will build a high available cluster for you in a couple of clicks: it will create servers on AWS, DigitalOcean and G-Core Labs, install HAProxy, NGINX and Keepalived and carry out the initial configuration for the services to start
Monitoring is easy, you can select one of the three available monitoring options or use them all. Now you don't have to be afraid of failures: Roxy-WI will send you notifications about changes in server statuses via Slack, Telegram, the web panel. If there are problems, you will be informed immediately. See statistics pages and load in one place. You can view statistic pages and the load information in one place.
Made a mistake in the configuration, but forgot what exactly you changed? Download a previous stable configuration or review changes. Don't understand the relationship between the backend and the frontend? Roxy-WI will help you visualize this.
Don't know all the configuration options for HAProxy? No problem! Roxy-WI will help you create a configuration in a few clicks and will not load the configuration if it contains errors.
We have rebranded. During all this time the project has evolved and we have decided to rename and recreated. We dropped the first three letters from its name: now it is called Roxy-WI. The old name could give the wrong impression about our affiliation with HAProxy®. By renaming we would like to underline our independence. We are much more than just a web GUI for the HAProxy® load balances. As you have already noticed, the address of our site has changed. All installation packages will also be renamed. Rebranding is not limited to the new name. Numerous improvements will follow. Stay tuned!

What you can do with Roxy-WI:

Install or add an existing one:
  1. Create HA cluster for HAProxy and NGINX
  2. Add your own services or install new
  3. Install Grafana and Prometheus services
  4. Install Prometheus exporters for HAProxy and NGINX
  5. Download and convert GeoIP to the acceptable format for HAProxy
  6. Update HAProxy and NGINX
Monitor, Alert and Visualize
  1. Monitor your HAProxy backends
  2. Monitor your HAProxy, NGINX, Apache, Keepalived
  3. Monitor custom services
  4. Get alerts via Telegram and Slack
  5. Get alerts via Roxy-WI web panel
  6. Keep alarm and action history
  7. Create a workflow map for HAProxy proxies
  8. Monitor the workload of HAProxy services
  9. View all statistics on the improved HAProxy statistics page
Easy to configure
  1. Create proxy sections for HAProxy via configuration wizard
  2. Edit configs via Roxy-WI in one place
  3. Keep, restore and backup configs versions
  4. Dynamic change of Maxconn, Black/white lists and backend's IP address and port with saving changes to the config file
  5. HAProxy RuntimeAPI via Roxy-WI panel
Facility and ease
  1. Add and manage WAF via Roxy-WI for HAProxy
  2. Create Master-Slave servers and keep the configs synced
  3. Manage SSL certificates and Let's Encrypt
  4. Access to Roxy-WI by roles
  5. Create Web acceleration and Web cache
  6. Create ACL via Roxy-WI
  7. Manage OpenVPN3 as a client via Roxy-WI
  8. Server provisioning on AWS and DigitalOcean

Full features list:

  1. Installing and updating HAProxy, NGINX and Keepalived with Roxy-WI as a system service
  2. Installing and updating HAProxy and NGINX with Roxy-WI as a Docker service
  3. Installing and updating Grafana, Prometheus servers with Roxy-WI
  4. Installing and updating HAProxy, NGINX and Node exporters with Roxy-WI
  5. Server provisioning on AWS, DigitalOcean, VULTR and G-Core Labs
  6. Downloading, updating and formatting GeoIP to the acceptable format for HAProxy with Roxy-WI
  7. Dynamic change of Maxconn, Black/white lists and backend's IP address and port with saving changes to the config file
  8. Configuring HAProxy, NGINX, Apache and Keepalived in a jiffy with Roxy-WI
  9. Viewing and analysing the status of all Frontend/backend servers via Roxy-WI from a single control panel
  10. Enabling/disabling servers through stats page without rebooting HAProxy
  11. Viewing/Analysing HAProxy, NGINX, Apache and Keepalived logs right from the Roxy-WI web interface
  12. Creating and visualizing the HAProxy workflow from Web Ui
  13. Pushing your changes to your HAProxy, NGINX, Apache and Keepalived servers with a single click via the web interface
  14. Getting info on past changes, evaluating your config files and restoring the previous stable config at any time with a single click right from Web interface
  15. Adding/Editing Frontend or backend servers via the web interface with a click
  16. Editing the config of HAProxy, NGINX, Apache and Keepalived and push changes to All Master/Slave servers by a single click
  17. Adding Multiple server to ensure the Config Sync between servers
  18. Managing the ports assigned to Frontend automatically
  19. Evaluating the changes of recent configs pushed to HAProxy, NGINX, Apache and Keepalived instances right from the Web UI
  20. Multiple User Roles support for privileged based viewing, editing of Config and accessing to services
  21. Creating Groups and adding/removing servers to ensure the proper identification for your HAProxy, NGINX and Apache Clusters
  22. Sending notifications from Roxy-WI via Telegram, Slack and via the web interface
  23. Supporting high Availability to ensure uptime to all Master slave servers configured
  24. Support of SSL (including Let's Encrypt)
  25. Support of SSH Key for managing multiple HAProxy and NGINX Servers straight from Roxy-WI
  26. SYN flood protect
  27. Alerting about the state of HAProxy, NGINX, Apache and Keepalived service
  28. Alerting about changes of the state of HAProxy backends
  29. Alerting about the number of connections to backends (maxconn) is about to reach the limit
  30. Alerting about changing Keepalived Master/Backup state
  31. Gathering metrics for incoming connections
  32. Web acceleration settings
  33. Firewall for web application(WAF)
  34. LDAP support
  35. Keep active HAProxy, NGINX, Apache and Keepalived services
  36. Possibility to hide parts of the config with tags for users with "guest" role: "HideBlockStart" and "HideBlockEnd"
  37. Mobile-ready design
  38. Simple port monitoring (SMON)
  39. Backup HAProxy, NGINX and Keepalived config files through Roxy-WI
  40. Managing OpenVPN3 as a client via Roxy-WI

Want to try?

If you want to try a RPM and/or a Docker image before just fill the form or write to us and you will get access for a week!

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