Good news everyone

v7.0.3 (02.12.2023)

  1. The backup page is AJAX page now

v7.0.2 (15.11.2023)

  1. The possibility to edit maps via Runtime API
  2. Public dashboards for SMON checks without access to Roxy-WI

v7.0.1 (02.11.2023)

  1. The possibility to update Roxy-WI logs on the Overview page
  2. The possibility to scan port in the Network tools
  3. The possibility to clone settings for S3 backup

v7.0.0 (15.10.2023)

  1. Roxy-WI has been rewritten in Flask! This should make Roxy-WI faster, consume fewer resources, and be more stable. Also, it opens new horizons for developing
  2. Bugs have been fixed
  3. Server provisioning is deprecated and deleted

v6.3.19 (15.09.2023)

  1. The possibility to install HAProxy for Amazon Linux 2023
  2. The list of HAProxy versions has been update for the last minor versions
  3. The possibility to select a METHOD for HTTP check in SMON has been added

v6.3.18 (02.09.2023)

  1. The possibility to backup configs into S3 bucket
  2. The possibility to install last versions of Apache and Node exporters
  3. The ssl_local_path parameter has been deleted from settings

v6.3.17 (15.08.2023)

  1. When creating a HA cluster peers between Master-Slave server are created too
  2. The possibility to create, view and edit maps on the Add page for HAProxy
  3. The lists_path parameter has been deleted from settings. Now the path is lists

v6.3.16 (02.08.2023)

  1. Auto update for SMON history page has been added
  2. Roxy-WI now asks if you want to exit if you have edited the config
  3. ChartJS has been update to 4.3.0 version

v6.3.15 (15.07.2023)

  1. The possibility to add a new server to SMON for Ping check when creating a server
  2. The possibility to set package size for SMON Ping check

v6.3.14 (02.07.2023)

  1. DNS check for SMON has been added
  2. A new version of HAProxy has been added for installation

v6.3.13 (15.06.2023)

  1. SMON has been started keeping response time and availability history
  2. PING check for SMON has been added
  3. Bugs in SMON have been fixed

v6.3.12 (02.06.2023)

  1. The possibility to view raw SSL certificates
  2. The possibility to create HA cluster via Roxy-WI API
  3. Update Gcore server provisioning to actual state

v6.3.11 (15.05.2023)

  1. The possibility to send SMON alerts to PagerDuty
  2. The possibility to clean Action history after some period
  3. The possibility to download Action history in PDF, Excel or CVS formats

v6.3.10 (02.05.2023)

  1. The possibility to set maxconn for a server on fly via RunTime API has been added
  2. The possibility to add reqadd parameter on Add page
  3. The possibility to send Checker alerts to PagerDuty

v6.3.9 (15.04.2023)

  1. The possibility to enable Keepalived service on the Servers tab
  2. Many interface improvements
  3. A lot of bugs in interface have been fixed
  4. A bug with creation ACL for return and set-header ACL has been fixed

v6.3.8 (02.04.2023)

  1. SMON has been starting show SSL expire date
  2. Different levels of alerts for Checker service
  3. The Portuguese language has been added
  4. The bug with showing current Grafana installation has been fixed
  5. A lot of bugs with services installation have been fixed

v6.3.7 (15.03.2023)

  1. The possibility to set users with different roles for different groups has been added
  2. The possibility to delete section from HAProxy config via Roxy-WI API
  3. The French language has been added

v6.3.6 (02.03.2023)

  1. Auto start tries restart a service once
  2. A new version of HAProxy exporter has been added for installation
  3. Admin log has been added for HAProxy with a new installation of HAProxy
  4. The bug with creating SSH for groups has been fixed
  5. The bug with HAProxy logrotate for Ubuntu has been fixed
  6. Issues with path traversal have been fixed

v6.3.5 (15.02.2023)

  1. History has been start to keep IP and servers name
  2. The Russian language has been added
  3. Dynamic update status of server availability has been added on the Server pages
  4. A bug with showing user lists has been fixed

v6.3.4 (02.02.2023)

  1. SMON has started to monitor SSL expiry and alerting about it
  2. The Overview page for Keepalived has been improved: the current number of becoming and releasing master status
  3. The possibility to install Keepalived exporter

v6.3.3 (15.01.2023)

  1. The possibility to install Apache
  2. The possibility to update Services status on Overview page

v6.3.2 (02.01.2023)

  1. The possibility to view users
  2. The possibility to add users
  3. The possibility to view SSH credentials via API
  4. The possibility to add SSH credentials via API
  5. The possibility to add servers via API

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