Good news everyone

v7.3.8 (15.10.2024)

  1. The possibility to upload SSL cert to haproxy dynamically

v7.3.7 (02.10.2024)

  1. The IP calculator has been added to the Nettools
  2. Status for HA cluster has been added
  3. Refactoring Let's Encrypt installation

v7.3.6 (16.09.2024)

  1. Current connections are updated automatically on the NGINX overview page
  2. Requests per second are updated automatically on the Apache overview page
  3. Become master is updated automatically on the Keepalived overview page

v7.3.5 (02.09.2024)

  1. Roxy-WI shows backend server status for UDP listeners on the UDP balancer page
  2. The possibility to mark SSH credentials as Shared to share them between groups
  3. The possibility to create server (Frontend) for NGINX vi the Add page

v7.3.4 (15.08.2024)

  1. The possibility to enable/disable backend servers checks for UDP listeners
  2. The possibility to set parameters for backend server checks on UDP listeners
  3. Checker services start to check the status of UDP listeners

v7.3.3 (02.08.2024)

  1. Servers on the Server page update their status and information automatically
  2. Action history for UDP listeners
  3. The possibility to set load balancing algorithm for UDP listeners

v7.3.2 (15.07.2024)

  1. Refactoring Filesystem backup installation
  2. Refactoring working with Git
  3. The possibility to view UDP balancer status

v7.3.1 (02.07.2024)

  1. The possibility to use VIP address as outgoing instead of server's IP
  2. Incoming and outgoing connections are updated automatically on the HAProxy overview page
  3. Refactoring S3 backup installation

v7.3.0 (15.06.2024)

  1. The possibility to create UDP load balancer

v7.2.6 (02.06.2024)

  1. Refactoring Geo installation
  2. Refactoring Grafana installation
  3. Refactoring Prometheus server installation

v7.2.5 (15.05.2024)

  1. The Settings page is AJAX page now
  2. Metrics began to be updated in real time
  3. The Server page has gone, only the Admin area left

v7.2.4 (02.05.2024)

  1. The possibility to reconfigure SMON Agent
  2. The possibility to send alerts via MatterMost
  3. The port is taken directly from settings for SMON service now. Without editing service config

v7.2.3 (15.04.2024)

  1. The Whois tool has been added to the Nettools
  2. The possibility to clone settings for S3 backup
  3. Refactoring WAF installation

v7.2.2 (02.04.2024)

  1. The Backup page is AJAX page now
  2. Network status has been added to the System Info
  3. The channels for alerting have separated page
  4. A new version of HAProxy has been added for installation

v7.2.1 (15.03.2024)

  1. Roxy-WI checks if actions (start, stop, reload, restart) with services was done properly
  2. Roxy-WI has started to return error after service actions (start, stop, reload, restart)
  3. The possibility to check config for Keepalived service
  4. Actions history for HA clusters has been added

v7.2.0 (02.03.2024)

  1. SMON now has agents. You can create multiple agents in different DCs, regions, etc. and control your endpoints from there.
  2. SMON Admin page has been deleted. Now all actions with checks on SMON Dashboard page
  3. The possibility to set check interval for every check
  4. Full SMON refactoring: it works faster and consumes less resources

v7.1.2 (15.02.2024)

  1. Refactoring HAProxy, NGINX, Apache, Keepalived and Node exporters installation
  2. The possibility to add SSH keys with passphrase
  3. SSH passwords and SSH passphrases are crypted now. Do not forget change a new option "secret_phrase" in the config

v7.1.1 (02.02.2024)

  1. The possibility to install Apache via HA cluster
  2. New way to show Master-Slave relationship and HA cluster on the Overview pages
  3. New versions of Prometheus exporters have been added

v7.1.0 (15.01.2024)

  1. A new entity like HA cluster has been added
  2. A new way to work with Keepalived service - HA cluster
  3. Refactoring HAProxy, NGINX, Apache and Keepalived installation
  4. The bugs with Port scanner and SMON in Docker has been fixed

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