How to work with Git via Roxy-WI

About Git

Configuration files are very precious and dynamic. It is a good practice to store them in a version control system in order to track changes. The benefits of this practice are the following:

Roxy-WI enables you to work with git repositories via the intuitive graphical interface. It is very useful for users who do not have much experience with the command line and need visual representation. Advanced user will also appreciate this feature as it allows to save time and automate working with git.

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Work with Git

To start working with git, select Servers in the Admin Area. Go to the Git tab. To enable pushing configs to repository, click on the Add git job button. You should see the following form appear:

The form contains the following fields:

Do not forget to add your public key to git in order to be able to authenticate via SSH.

If the config files are stored in a new folder where the repository has not been initialized yet, set the checkbox Init a new repository. When you click the Add git job button, the command necessary to initialize the repository (git init and git add remote) will be performed automatically.

If you push the configs to an existing repository, specify the name of the branch in the appropriate field.

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