How to work with the HAProxy Stats pages

HAProxy Stats page

The HAProxy Stats is a great and powerful instrument. It provides gives you the followning opporunities:

Please note that all metrics are labelled with abbreviated names and prefixes.

On the HAProxy Stats page you also can manage frontends and backends. Roxy-WI provides a more convenient and user-friendly interface than HAProxy Stats pages and collects everything in one place. You can temporarily disable/enable backends servers, switch them to maintenance or ready mode and filter the sections by the status.

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Disable/Enable backend servers

This option allows to temporarily disable backend servers and switch them to the maintenance mode:

Select the servers and in select the action to perform in the Select menu as it is shown on the picture:

Press the "Apply" button and reload the page:

Note: These changes are temporary and will be rolled back after the reload. To make persistent changes use the Runtime API for this purpose.

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Filtering frontend/backend

W Also Roxy-WI allows to filter frontends and backends by the status. If you do not want the backenes with servers in the maintenance status to be displayed, just remove a check box as it is shown on the picture below, and they will be excluded from the output>

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