How to dynamically change IPs and ports

Changing IPs and ports

Roxy-WI allows to change IPs and ports for backend servers on the fly without reloading or restarting HAProxy service. Just specify a server, enter the new IP, port and press the "Enter" button. This procedure is described in details below.

This function works only if HAProxy service has been installed via Roxy-WI or if it has been set up with proper settings. All information concerning the settings can be found here

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Edit IPs and ports

Go to the Runtime API -> Change IP and port.

Select the server on which you would like to change settings(in the black box)

Second step: select a backend (in the blue box)

Select a server inside the backend. Roxy-WI will show the currnet running settings for this server and you will be able to change them (in the yellow box)

Press "Enter" (in the red box)

Changes will take effect immediately and will be saved in the configuration file. It means that after restarting HAProxy service they will not be lost.

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