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Available subscription plans

In Roxy-WI the following subscription plans are available:

  • Manual;
  • Home;
  • Enterprise;
  • Premium.

Manual is the only free plan in the list. All other plans have a wider set of functions and are paid. You can find the list of available function for each subscription plan here.

How to change the subscription plan

If you would like to change the tariff plan, you need to make a donation or subscribe via Patreon or Boosty. Once you have donated, re-login to Roxy-WI using your credentials.

Note that if your subscription is expired, all functions of the paid subscription plans will be blocked. To unblock, you need to renew the subscription.

If you use a free Roxy-WI installation and want to switch to a paid tariff plan, you need to create an account on Patreon/Boosty and pay for the subscription. Once you receive the new credentials, add them to your repo file for RPM or to auth file for DEB. If you built Roxy-WI from the source code, reinstall it via the package manager (do not forget to make a backup first).

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