How to create a PagerDuty integration with Roxy-WI

About PagerDuty

An operations performance platform that provides IT alert monitoring, on-call scheduling, escalation policies used to fix problems in apps, servers and websites across the entire incident lifecycle.

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About Checker

Checker monitors HAProxy, Nginx, Apache and Keepalived services, HAProxy backends and maxconn. If a backend or a HAProxy/Nginx/Apache/Keepalived service is down, Checker will send an alert through all or several notification channels:

  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • PagerDuty
  • Email

Real-time alerts are sent via Roxy-WI. The incident history is preserved.

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How to create PagerDuty Integration Key

First, go to the Services page, select one or create a new one.

Go to the Integration tab. Press the "+ Add another integration". Click on "Events API V2" and press the "Add" button. After you will be redirected to the Integration page again. Press to the "Events API V2". Copy a new Integration key, in the yellow box.

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Use PagerDuty with Roxy-WI

Read how to install Checkerhere

After you got the Integration key you have to create a channel.

Add your Integration key and channel name on the "Checker" tab:

In the end activate Checker for services:

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Checker history

Also after enabling checker for servers Roxy-WI starts collect incident history. It can help in future debugging:

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