How to create a Slack APP and use it with Roxy-WI

About Slack

An operations performance platform that provides IT alert monitoring, on-call scheduling, escalation policies used to fix problems in apps, servers and websites across the entire incident lifecycle.

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About Checker

Checker monitors HAProxy, Nginx, Apache and Keepalived services, HAProxy backends and maxconn. If a backend or a HAProxy/Nginx/Apache/Keepalived service is down, Checker will send an alert through all or several notification channels:

  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • PagerDuty
  • Email

Real-time alerts are sent via Roxy-WI. The incident history is preserved.

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How to get Slack token

First, create a Slack app in your Slack API dashboard. Log into your Slack workspace in your browser and go to your API dashboard. Click Create an App button.

Next, you will have to give a name to your application and select a Slack workspace for development. For the purposes of this tutorial, name your application Roxy-WI and select a workspace to which you have administrator access. Then click the Create App button.

After creating your application, you should see the default application dashboard appear. In this dashboard, you will manage the application, permissions, subscription to events, the installation of the application to workspaces, and more.

You need to grant your app post permissions so that it send messages to channels. To do this, click the Permissions button on the control panel.

Scroll down the OAuth & Permissions page until you find the Scopes section. Find the Bot Token Scopes subsection in the scope and click the Add an OAuth Scope button.

Click the button and enter chat: write. Select this permission and add it to your bot. This will allow the app to send messages to the channels it has access to.

After adding the necessary permissions you can install the application into the Slack workspace. Scroll to the top of the OAuth & Permissions page and click the Install App to Workspace button at the top.

Click this button and see what actions the application can take on the channel. Then click the Allow button to complete the installation.

After installing the bot, you will receive a Bot User OAuth Access Token for your application. Copy this token as it will be used to perform actions in the workspace.

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How to add App into a channel

Finally, add the new bot to a channel inside your workspace. If you haven't created a channel yet, use the #general channel, which is created by default in your Slack workspace. Find the app in the Apps section of the Slack client navigation bar and click on it. Then open the Details menu in the upper right corner. If your Slack client is not in full screen mode, the icon for this menu will appear as an i inside a circle.

To complete adding your app to the channel, click the More button with the three dots icon on the details page and select Add this app to a channel.... Enter the name of the channel in the modal window that will open and click Add.

You have successfully created an app and added it to a feed in your Slack workspace.

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Use Slack APP with Roxy-WI

Read how to install Checkerhere

After you got the Token you have to create a channel.

Add your Token and channel name on the "Checker" tab:

In the end activate Checker for services:

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Checker history

Also after enabling checker for servers Roxy-WI starts collect incident history. It can help in future debugging:

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