How to add a new server


With Roxy-WI you can easily add servers with HAProxy or Nginx installed in order to manage them via the grapical interface. Everything is simple and intuitive. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to add new servers.

Adding a new server: step by step

To add a new server, select Servers => Servers in the main menu. You should see the list of previously added servers:

Click on the Add button below the list of servers. You shoud see the following form appear:

Fill in the form. Note that all asterisk-marked fields are obligatory; the server will not be added if they are empty. If you would like your server to be scanned for the presence of HAProxy, Nginx, or Keepalived, click on Scan the server. You should see the list of services your server be checked for. Select the checkbox near the name of the service you would like to be detected:

Select the SSH credentials for the new Server and click on the Add button. The server will be added to the list. To check if the connection with the new server has been established, click on the Check button. If everything is OK, Roxy-WI will display the "Connect accepted" message.

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