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Here on this page you can find some information about resolving known errors. But don’t hesitate to create a new issue on GitHub if you need any help.

Roxy-WI is constantly developing. Therefore, bugs may occur. You are very welcome to report a bug on GitHub!


If you encounter an error, you should refer to the logs first. All logs are stored in the Admin area-Internal logs section.

Check logs of the service in which the error has been detected (*Service name*-Logs in the left panel). For detailed information refer to the logs of Roxy-WI and to the error log as well.

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"Cannot update version" message when logging in

If you cannot log in and see the "Cannot update message" message in the right upper corner of the login page, you might have a problem with the database owner. This error occurs if the database was created manually and the owner was not changed. Set the correct database owner to resolve it: apache (in CentOS) or www-date (in Debian and Ubuntu).

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Errors that occur during the installation

When you cannot install HAProxy, NGINX or Keepalived and no error is displayed in the logs, try to run the installation via the web interface and perform the following command in your terminal:

In the output you should see the script file name similar to "installation_serviceName.sh". Copy it and perform the following commands:
Paste the command you copied and see where the problem occurs.

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Errors that occur when starting Roxy-WI services

If you cannot start a service and find no corresponding messages in the logs, try to check its state first:

For more information you may also refer to the system logs: /var/logs/message (in CentOS) and /var/log/syslog (in Ubuntu).

If referring to the logs does not help, try to run the service manually:

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Errors that occur when updating Roxy-WI

If any errors occur when updating Roxy-WI via the web interface, try to update it via the command line:

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Internal server error during the first start or after update

If you see the Internal server error when launching Roxy-WI for the first time, open Apache error log, most likely some modules are missing. If so, install requirements from GitHub

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Error that occurs during the installation via Ansible

During the installation via Ansible you may encounter the following error:

This a known Ansible bug. To resolve it update Ansible to version 2.9.8 or newer.

You may also receive the following error message during the installation via Ansible:

This is a known bug of the NGINX official repository. It might be resolved soon. Now the only possible solution is to update Ansible at least to version 2.12.

On some Ubuntu installation could be:

It would appear because there is no needed package. Install it:

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Error when downloading metadata in course of installation

In the course of installation of Roxy-WI you may encounter the following error:

In order to resolve this problem, open the /etc/yum.repo.d/roxy-wi.repo file and replace $ostype with el in the line, which begins with $baseurl.

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