How to work with configuration files


With Roxy-WI you can configure HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived via the web interface. Roxy-WI allows to perform the following operations:

Editing HAProxy configuration file

To start configuring HAProxy, Nginx or Keepalived select the Configs item in the main menu for the service you need to configure. In the dropdown menu select the server for which you would like to configure HAProxy and press the Open button.

On the screen you should see the list of the sections of the configuration file. If you click on the name of the section, the section will expand, and you will see the list of the parameters. To edit or delete a section, click on the corresponding link in the upper right corner. Editing the configuration file via Roxy-WI is easier than making changes to the configuration file in a text editor. In the web interface the sections are clearly visualized, and it is very convenient when editing a large configuration file. It is also worth noting that with Roxy-WI you can edit configs for several servers in one place; there is no need to connect to each server via SSH in order to modify the configuration.

Comparing configuration files

With Roxy-WI it is possible to compare the current version of the configuration file to those used before. This opportunity is very useful when detecting errors. If HAProxy does not run after changing the configuration, you can compare two files and define the possible cause of the problem. To compare two versions of the configuration files, select the Compare button on the Configs page. Select the files you need to compare in the right and in the left dropdown list, and click on the Compare button on the right:

The results of comparison will be visualized as shown below:



Roxy-WI stores all configuration files you used previously. To view the list of the available versions click on the Versions button on the Configs page. The list of version is shown on the figure below:

Select the necessary version and click on the View/Upload button. You can perform the following actions to the previous configs (the is a button for each action at the bottom of the page):

HAProxy and Nginx in Docker containers

If you run HAProxy in a Docker container, go to HAProxy => Overview page. You should see the list of the available HAProxy server appear on the screen. Each server is represented by a card as it is shown on the screenshot below:


Click on the three_lines sign in the upper right corner of the card. Select the Dockerized HAproxy checkbox in the window that will open and press the Save button.

For Nginx the procedure is quite the same: go to the Nginx => Overview page, select the card of the server and check the Dockerized Nginx checkbox.

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