"Servers" page description

Read about how to set up servers, group and SSH credentials here

In the table below you will find the description of the settings for the servers available via the Servers page of Roxy-WI.

Parameter: Description:
Hostname The hostname of the. It will be displayed at all the pages of Roxy-WI
IP The IP address of the server. It will be used for connection via SSH
SSH SSH port for connection. By default port 22 is used
Group The group the server belongs to. A group is an equivalents of a namespace. Members of a group cannot see servers included in other groups
Enable If this checkbox is set, the servers will be displayed at all pages. You can uncheck the checkbox to temporarily hide the servers
Virt It is similar to VRRP. You can add a VRRP address for quick access to an active server. When "VIRT" is enabled the servers will not be displayed anywhere except the "State" and the "Overivew" pages. It may be useful for the "Metrics" and the "Checker" in order not to display extra metrics and extra alerts. For example, you can activate metrics only on VRRP address and you always will get metrics only from active servers. The above is also relevant for alerts.
Scan In this section the scanning settings can be configured. A server being added to Roxy-WI can be scanned for the presence of HAProxy, Nginx Keepalived, WAF and Firewalld. All you have to do is to set the checkbox near the name of the service you would like to detect
HAProxy A new server will be scanned for the presence of HAProxy.
Nginx A new server will be scanned for the presence of Nginx.
Firewalld A new server will be scanned for the presence of Firewalld. read more
Protected If you set this checkbox, the users who do not have the admin role will not be able to edit the configuration file on the server.
Slave for If you use balancers cluster selected master server for slave so that the new configs be uploaded and the service be restarted on the slave when changes occur on the master
Credentials Select the credentials for SSH access
Description Additional information about the server
Servers page

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