SSH credentials management

SSH credentials interface

In the table below you will find the parameters description shown in the Admin area-SSH credentials section.

Parameter: Description:
Name It is just an alias name. This alias will appear in the Servers-Servers section while configuring the Credentials parameter.
SSH key Tick the Enable SSH key checkbox to enable key-based authentication. If it is not enabled, the password authentication will be used instead. Do not forget to upload the public key to all servers!
Group You can select one of the existing groups. Users which belong to this group will be able to see your server in the web-interface of Roxy-WI.
User name You can set your username and password for SSH access (in case key-based authentication is disabled). If an SSH user needs to run the sudo command, it should be configured with the option NOPASSWD.
Upload SSH Key Select the credentials for uploading your SSH key.
Key Paste your private key here and click the Upload button. Note: the public key should be added to all servers you are going to connect.
SSH credentials

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