Difference between Admin area and Servers pages


The "Admin area" and the "Servers" pages are quite similar. Both pages include "Users", "Servers", "SSH credentials" and other pages and tabs. Below we will explain the difference between them.

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Admin area

First of all, the "Admin area" pages are designed for the "superAdmin" role. No one else has access to them. The next difference is in the fact the "Admin area" includes all users, all servers, etc.

The "Admin area" is the place for viewing and editing all the resources of Roxy-WI. In other words, it is the single point of entry for managing all resources.

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Servers page

The "Servers" page is designed for the "admin" role. It is used for managing groups and resources inside groups. For who menages groups. It helps to cope with lots of resources inside Roxy-WI. The "Server" page helps to separate and structure servers, users, etc. in their own workspaces.

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