Prometheus exporter service description

About Prometheus exporter

Prometheus exporter is a service which is able to collect metrics and transfer them to your Prometheus server for futher visualization. Nevertheless, you can use it to check and review metrics. *but don't complicate things, try Grafana instead :)

Prometheus exporter collects the following metrics: Go to TOP

Installation and management


1. Perform the following commands to install the exporter:

2. Add to the Prometheus config file this text:

3. Reload your Prometheus server.

Alternitevely, you can install packages by clicking the Install button in the Admin area-Update or Admin area-Services section.

Service management

You can find buttons to start, stop, restart services in the Admin area-Services section or the update button in the Admin area-Update section.

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Dashboard example

Ready-made Grafana dashboard is here for your service.

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Prometheus exporter has its own log in the Admin area-Internal logs section.

All further information concerning the Internal logs can be found here.

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