Metrics service description

About Metrics

The Metrics service consists of three parts:

The "Master metrics" runs the "Worker metrics" when collecting metrics is enabled. Master runs a worker for each service: one for HAProxy service, one for WAF. The "Master metrics" should always be running.

When you enable the collecting of HAProxy service metrics the "Master metrics" will start local workers for each HAProxy service. The Metrics Worker verifies the status of HAProxy remotely on port 1999 (by default). If you installed HAProxy manually, read here how to configure it.

Roxy-WI Metrics
The metrics service for HAProxy collects the following metrics: The metrics service for WAF collects metrics of one type only: Since v5.2.4.0 Roxy-WI provides the possibility to collect metrics for Nginx service: Go to TOP


Execute the following command to install Metrics:

All information concerning RPM packages can be found here.

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The "Master metrics" and "Worker metrics" Logs

Both the "Master metrics" and "Worker metrics" have their own log in "Internal logs". All further information concerning the Internal logs can be found here.

Roxy-WI Overview
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