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About Socket

Socket is a service for sending alerts and notifications. It works with Apache and Rabbit MQ. The Socket service listens on port 8675 on the localhost. When you connect to Roxy-WI in your browser, the browser connects to Apache via the websocket. Apache proxies the requests from the websocket to the Socket service. Once the connection with the browser has been established, the Socket service starts to send the notifications from other services. Other services use RabbitMQ as a mediator and put all notification into it. The Socket service retrieves the messages from RabbitMQ and delivers them. Such an approach allows to deliver the messages faster and reduces the load on the servers.


The Socket service is included in Roxy-WI repositories and can be installed via the standard package manager:

After the installation you need to create the user for RabbitMQ:

Then go to AdminArea => Settings and fill in the name and the password of this user in the appropriate fields. All other settings are sufficient and do not need to be changed if you installed RabbitMQ locally and use it for working with the web-interface only.

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