Roxy-WI Cloud Load balancer

Discover Roxy-WI Cloud Load balancer

Managing. Alerting. Visualization. Automatic scaling.

Roxy-WI Cloud server
Roxy-WI Cloud server includes:
  1. Dedicated Roxy-WI Instance
  2. HAProxy service already installed and configured
  3. Secured access via SSH
  4. Unlimited number of servers
  5. Unlimited number of users
  1. Grafana server
  2. Prometheus server
  3. Custom auth (LDAP or Native)
  4. Unlimited number of dashboards
  5. Unlimited alerts
  6. Custom domain or your_name.roxy-wi.org
  1. Tech support
  2. Connect to private networks using OpenVPN
  3. Simple port monitoring(SMON)
  4. 2Tb of incoming traffic
  5. Weekly backup
  6. Select a location for your Roxy-WI instance

Start using Roxy-WI Cloud Load balancer right now

Roxy-WI Cloud Load balancer allows to use HAProxy service and create your own L4 and L7 layers and connect to your HAProxy and Nginx services.

Get started with Roxy-WI Cloud Load balancer right now. Roxy-WI Cloud Load balancer has already been installed and the HAProxy service has already been configured. All you have to do is just to start using it.

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...and it starting at $29.40/month! You can choose your preferred payment method

Roxy-WI Overview
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Encrypted SSH keys

This video shows how Roxy-WI works with SSH keys and how safe it is.

Nobody can use your SSH keys in Roxy-WI Cloud even if your server is hacked and a malicious user gains access to your Roxy-WI server as the SSH keys are encrypted by a random passphrase. The same for system administrators: they cannot use the SSH keys encrypted by Roxy-WI.

Roxy-WI add proxy
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